Our Story

Mt Vernon Flats - A Family Owned Apartment Rental Company in BaltimoreMt Vernon Flats is a family owned and family operated business. Father and son first embarked on their dream of owning a small piece of one of Baltimore’s most distinct and beautiful neighborhoods, Mt. Vernon, ten years ago. Today, dozens of families and individuals live in one of their apartments, studios, condominiums, or hotel-styled homes located across the storied cultural district.

Mt Vernon Flats has an enduring reputation of attentiveness and responsive service to its residents. High-quality homes are managed by a dedicated, professional staff who make it their business to provide comfortable homes and common areas. Our residents in the past have included students from the many colleges, universities, and graduate schools across the city, medical professionals and staff-in-training that work at University of Maryland Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Baltimoreans looking to live in as hip and proud a neighborhood as Mt. Vernon.

If you are in need of quick answers, please check the FAQ section of our site, or contact us for any additional information. If you are looking into the far future to rent in Mt. Vernon, please join our waiting list to receive timely and individualized updates as to available apartments that meet your timeline and needs.

You can contact us

+ 1 (410) 775-6510 rent@mtvernonflats.com